Data Warehousing Solution by EntrePro

Safe Passage to Business Performance Management

Leveraging its novel database-centric approach to application development, EntrePro assures quality, speed, low cost, and low risk in implementing a Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence Solution for its valued clients.

EntrePro Corporation provides consulting and outsourcing services in the area of data warehousing, business intelligence, and data quality. Using the Data Warehousing Cycle TM approach, typical multi-year, budget-prohibitive data warehousing projects are reduced to clear-cut, immediate-impact, short-term deliverables with reasonable cost and no surprises.

If you have a terabyte of data that you want to leverage for competitive advantage and you want a reliable partner in technology to help you out, EntrePro is only a phone call away!

If you worry that you donít know whatís going on with your data, how your data flows through your organization, how reliable your reporting is, or if you are overwhelmed with Sorbanes-Oxley and other compliance requirements, you need to give us a call!

EntrePro assures low risk in providing your organization the following:
  • Data Warehousing Solution
  • Business Intelligence Solution
  • Data Quality Solution
as well as a number of other critical business performance management services.

Email us at or call us at 1-858-531-2201

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