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EntrePro Board of Advisors

We have selected experienced and distinguished professionals to assist us in delivering best quality services to our valued clients. We made sure that business, technology, and management are all well represented within our Board of Advisors.

Data Warehousing Solution Advisor: Farid Mehovic
Farid Mehovic received his Ph.D. from UCLA in 1989 in the area of database performance. He founded EntrePro in 1994 as a channel to speed up application of information technology. With over 20 years of experience in computer technology, including employers and clients such as IBM, American Airlines, Sabre, State of Illinois, and HSBC, Farid provides business and technological direction to EntrePro. He has run complex multi-million dollar projects and successfully implemented data warehouses and business intelligence on various platforms. He filed patents in the areas of data management and systems migration and now resides in the sunny La Jolla, California.

John Coviello brings over thirty years of system development and executive management experience to EntrePro. He co-founded Internet storage provider Sanrise, closing $15 million of business in the first year. John was a VP of Auspex hardware and software development, constituting 80% of Auspex revenue. As a VP of Sabreís Technology and Planning, he developed leading technology innovations: Travelocity, Ticketless Travel, Weekend Fares. John also held a variety of executive and senior technical positions at Amdahl, Bank of America, and IBM. A resident of Phoenix, Arizona, John holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Fordham University.

Data Warehousing Solution Advisor: John Coviello

Data Warehousing Solution Advisor: Miroslav Kandic
Miroslav Kandic has over 20 years of experience in information technology and has consulted for Lucent Technologies, IBM, Kaiser Permanente, Nortel Networks, CharlesSchwab, and many others. Miroslav is an expert architect in various database and integration technologies, including relational and object-oriented databases, UML, J2EE, Portal Technology, Message Queueing, and others. He has successfully lead multi-million dollar integration projects and has written numerous articles in the area of computer science and applications. Miroslav holds a Masters of Science degree in Computer Science and lives in the Silicon Valley, California.

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