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EntrePro Corporation provides consulting services in implementing business intelligence, data quality, and data warehousing solutions. EntrePro partners with clients, providing much needed insight into data quality and data consolidation issues. Using the Data Warehousing Cycle TM approach and minimal-risk, customer-friendly project management, typical multi-year, budget-prohibitive data warehousing solution projects are reduced to clear-cut, immediate-impact, short-term deliverables with reasonable cost and no surprises. EntrePro’s focused execution and sensitivity to customers’ needs build trust and long-lasting relationships.

Data Warehousing Solution Architecture: Data Sources, ETL, Extract Transform Load, Data Staging, Data Marts, Meta Data, Business Analysis, Business Analytics

Realizing that the 20-year gap between information technology research and industrial applications can be reduced, Dr. Farid Mehovic, a UCLA graduate and a student of one of the fathers of the Internet, Dr. Leonard Kleinrock, founded EntrePro Corporation in 1994 as a channel to speed up the application of technology. This organization has provided huge cost savings and superb quality for its long-term clients, such as American Airlines, Sabre, and State of Illinois, in the areas of Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence, and Airline Fares Maintenance. At the same time, EntrePro has identified and researched innovative technological approaches to implementing complex applications and very large database systems. EntrePro draws from the knowledge and experience of its Board of Advisors.

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