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Data Warehousing Cycle TM

Typically neglected and given only lip service, data quality plays a critical part in successful implementation of a business intelligence and data warehousing solution. Knowledge of the company’s operational systems is often assumed and is predictably very unreliable. Expert users and application developers are always very surprised when confronted with the findings of the data discovery efforts. Data rarely complies with the supposed business rules of the organization. A complete Data Warehousing Cycle TM, as defined by EntrePro, contains the phases of: Learning, in which both the business and the data warehousing solution implementers are gaining insight into the operational systems and data, Requesting, during which the business prepares detailed requirements for the data warehouse and data marts, Building, in which the data warehouse is built, and Using, during which the business users and system administrators provide usability and performance feedback to the warehouse developers.

Data Warehousing Cycle: Learning, Requesting, Building, Using, data discovery, data quality, data consolidation, usability, performance feedback

Traditional data warehousing process lacks the learning phase, and often starts towards the end of the requesting phase, meaning that the requirements are not well thought out, are put together in haste and without understanding its sources. In addition, the using phase does not provide a sufficient or meaningful feedback to the warehouse developers, resulting in aggravation of the original data quality/data consolidation problems.

EntrePro makes sure that during the learning phase of the Data Warehousing Cycle TM, the lack of data knowledge is overcome in order to properly define the requirements for the data warehouse in the requesting phase. The building phase requires careful implementation of several critical components of the system, including robust meta data, normalized consolidated data warehouse and de-normalized data marts. Finally, properly set up system monitoring components and customer satisfaction reviews allow the using phase to provide important feedback to the data warehousing solution developers. This phase enables the business to improve the decision support environment and to consider the next set of source systems for integration into the data warehouse.

All of the above phases are done with the members of the business community, as well as the technology community. EntrePro realizes that this is a critical step in understanding the business needs, not only during the requirements phase, but throughout the entire Data Warehousing Cycle TM.

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