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Data Warehousing Solution Excellence

Our dedication to excellence is substantiated through delivering high quality results at high speed, while maintaining low cost and low risk to the customer. Data warehousing is an enterprise level effort, typically a risky long-term endeavor. Top reasons for this risk traditionally are the length and the cost of the effort, compounded by the inability to demonstrate immediate benefit to the organization.

Data Warehousing Solution Technology: Advanced Technology, Database Technology
What differentiates EntrePro from other implementers of data warehousing and business intelligence is our technological approach to implementing complex database applications. Our unwavering focus on effective technological solutions assures fast quality implementations, high degree of flexibility, durability, and automation, and seamless integration into the enterprise architecture. Attention to detail and understanding of data quality allows us to build reliable data warehousing solutions.

One of our main motivators for excellence is commitment to customer satisfaction. We develop and maintain a long lasting and trusting relationship with our customers, in which we will prove a true partner to the client, paying as much attention to the clientís bottom line as to our own. We know the pain most customers face when implementing business intelligence and data warehousing solutions; we minimize these risks up front through careful joint planning.

Data Warehousing Solution Relationships: Customer Satisfaction, Long-Lasting Relationships

Data Warehousing Solution Management: Focused Management, RAD, Enterprise Projects, Competitive Advantage
Data warehousing and business intelligence solutions require focused execution of numerous short-term deliverables, while maintaining a steadfast direction for evolving a complex, durable enterprise performance management (EPM) system. Our managementís expertise in rapid application development, as well as enterprise-wide project development, coupled with our innovative technological base, are a perfect fit for successful implementation of EPM.

In order to truly excel in satisfying our customers, we understand that we must devote every minute of our time to understanding the competitive advantage our clients are trying to create or maintain. We are very thorough in learning our customersí needs and requirements, we are relentless in overcoming the traditional gap between business and technology, and we build lasting relationships with out clients.

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