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Our company provides a unique combination of consulting and custom development, a service practice focused on data and deployment of data warehousing, business intelligence, and data quality solutions.

Based on EntrePro’s Data Warehousing Cycle TM model, we gradually introduce the client to business analytics, by engaging them early on through any of the following services:

Data Warehousing Solution Services: Data Warehousing, Business Intelligence, Data Quality, OLAP, Cubes, Reporting, Data Discovery, Data Marts, Cubes, Dashboards and Scorecards, Multidimensional Analysis, Automated Reporting, Ad Hoc Reporting, Operational Reporting

By analyzing your enterprise, the business flow through your enterprise, and its usage of data, we are able to build a data warehousing and business intelligence plan, which leverages our experience and technology in maximizing your business benefits. Setting up your data-warehousing environment enables us to jointly with you understand your data and its quality and consolidate definitions of your key business variables. Having thus enabled your business to specify detailed requirements for data marts and the data warehouse, we build the marts and the warehouse, and then focus on evaluating its usability and performance. This is an iterative process during which new data sources are analyzed and added to the data marts and data warehouse.

Having a copy of the operational data in the system, we can provide data discovery and operational reporting. From the data mart and data warehouse areas we deliver automated and ad hoc reporting, and data quality reporting. Using additional tools, we provide multidimensional analysis and data mining. Through dashboards and scorecards we provide casual business users the ability to manage performance of their entire business.

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